Dwayne Wade to Chicago…. Matter of Respect to your “Top Dog”

Why would a 34 – year old grizzled veteran like Dwayne Wade bolt out of Miami Heat, the team that drafted him 5th over-all in the 2003 NBA draft which he helped win 3 NBA championships to join the Chicago Bulls?

Unlike other free agents like Joe Johnson who will just seek the greener pasteur, this move by Wade is not totally about the money.

Upon research, Dwayne Wade was not Miami’s highest paid player eversince, and that is a big disrespect for everything he has given to the club. From 2003 to the present, Dwayne Wade helped Miami and brought it back to the consciousness of the fans after the Alonzo Mourning-Tim Hardaway era. He was envisioned to be the cornerstone where a foundation for a championship was to built. He was the cornerstone of his era in Miami. But in all of his 13 years in South Beach, he was not given the due he deserved. Like in our daily office experience, the employee’s longevity in one institution and his efficiency in his work must also be rewarded in monetary terms.

Dwayne Wade is coming home to the Windy City. He doesn’t need to prove himself nor he doesn’t want more money. His legacy is already cemented and at this point in the twilight of his career, what matters most is he is respected for what he brings to the table. (Credits to:http://heatzone.blog.palmbeachpost.com/…/dwyane-wade-was-n…/)


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